January 19, 2011

What does blogging mean to you?

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It's been radio silence over here for a while now.  I keep meaning to write but have only managed a few Mixtape Masters and fluff posts.  On one hand I think I may be having a midlife crisis (weeeee!), but on the other...I really just don't know what to do about this blog or what blogging now means to me.

Why do I want to write?  What do I want to write about?  Who am I writing for?

Why: Enjoyment?  Affirmation?*  Prospects of becoming rich and famous?  The first two definitely have something to do with it.  I'd also like to write more just to better hone my writing.  Also, come on, can't deny that we all love to talk about ourselves!  Hence the 'navel gazing' post tag that is probably going to get way too much use.

What:  I realized that I don't really share too much in blog land.  I write and blab, but I'm generally not good at sharing about my life.  I dunno why, but I should definitely share more about who I am and what I'm doing, yes?

Who am I writing for?  This was a big one for me to think about.  After switching blogs, my readership dropped dramatically.  Which is cool and all.  Just because people wanted to hear about my wedding biz doesn't mean they are interested in hearing me blab about my really average life biz.  But it definitely took away any of the accountability I felt to write for those followers, ya know?  I realized I had to be writing for myself first and foremost and that if I did that sincerely it would follow the whole Field O' Dreams mentality.

I'm going to continue writing and developing whatever voice I decide to be mine.  I need to be more conscious of my writing and take it more seriously.  No more "oh shit!  I gotta post!" followed by digital diarrhea.  Or at least less of that, yes?  Because sometimes the digital spew is all there is!

So, blog land.  What makes you write?  And what keeps you writing?  Who are you writing for?

Thanks and I'll see you around,

*While writing Me, Myself, and Bride and talking all about weddings, it was great to get affirmation.  To feel like its ok to be a bit crazy when planning a wedding and that I was not alone.  That sort of feedback is huge!  I will always be fond of wedding blogs because of it and always have warm fuzzies for fellow wedding blogger.

**Also, apologies for just one of way too many "omg, I promise to be a better blogger" posts.


  1. Sometimes the things we think and the timing of when we think them is scary.... I'm currently battling through similar things.

    Leaving wedding blogging is a little weird. There's a readymade audience who is there to encourage, read, comment and carry on dialouge. Outside of that... I'm not sure if I fit into another niche of people. I read Another Damn Life last week and saw her "Fumbling Their Way Through ADulthood" blogroll and thought, "shit... that's what we're all sort of going." And my focus sort of changed - rather than write about marriage, babies, etc. I like writing about being an adult and how growing up is damn hard. And also, that's pretty much where my life's at right now.

    I think the biggest question is who do we write for? I've learned to write for me again. It's been nice, although I do need to get back to reading posts by my fave gals and commenting.

  2. I am hoping to start my non-wedding blog before I have to wrap up my wedding blog to help avoid this blogistential crisis. But I will definitely miss the "built in audience" and clearly-defined subject matter of a wedding blog.

    Anyway, I hope you keep writing, because I enjoy reading you very much.

  3. Hey Jen. I started my under-used wedding blog and my everything else blog at the same time, because I didn't want to be "just" a wedding blogger - part of the pressure to not look like I cared too much about my wedding.

    I struggle with writing for my small audience. I self-edit because I don't know who's reading (my mother-in-law? My co-workers?).

    I go back and forth between writing whatever I feel like, readers be damned, and trying to find something that's engaging for my audience. No solutions yet.

  4. doing the blog check is always a good idea. I think I keep coming back to it after absences because of the friend's I've made. I want to keep int ouch with you guys. I personally like reading whatever you write! just keep us posted, you'll find a niche :)

  5. I love the title of your new blog. It is perfection.

  6. aw, thanks all! I really do appreciate it! I'm going to keep writing for myself and if people want to read and say hello, then its a double win!