January 28, 2011

Mixtape Masters: Good Cause Edition

Today I don't have a mix. It's just one song. And one cause.

First, lets start with the song. It's just one of those songs that gets in my head and won't let go. I have to play it over and over. Also, bonus! Lazerbeak is part of Doomtree, a Minneapolis hip-hop collective. Yay for more local, and I wasn't even looking for local music when I found this song.

Speaking of... I found this song via A Paler Shade of White when she posted THIS video.

Paper Antler, a (way cute) wedding photog couple, is doing Fifty Nifty. 50 weeks to photograph 50 weddings in 50 states. They will donate $1,000 from each wedding to total $50,000. This cash will go to She Dances, an anti human trafficking organization.

What a great cause and a great couple! I really just want to give them huge hugs and empty out my bank account for them. Someday I will be completely loaded and donate to everyone I can.... in the meantime, I'll give a little bit and hope that it does indeed go a long way.

If any of you know anyone getting married in any state in the US, pass this on! Their portfolio looks pretty amazing - so sweet pictures and helping out a good cause! I think they only have a few weddings booked...so help them out!

Peace, darlings

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  1. Sweet - I didn't know it was local music!

  2. so cool! what an awesome project & great cause