January 26, 2011

They Who Shall Not Be Named

Me so angry!
Me might hulk out and thunder through work hallways, making much smash!*
Hulk smash all the way to Washington, leaving debris of fear and hate behind!

HULK SMASH! via **
*deep breath*

I would like to be an informed citizen who can take part in politics, have informed opinions, and vote based on those opinions, but I really can't take politics anymore. It makes me want to hulk. And cry. And just hide myself in a hole.

Part of it is because of a few key characters who keep popping up and who should really just go away. (One of them, I'm sad to say, is a representative from Minnesota. I'm sorry, nation.) These people are the Hiltons of politics. Not famous for doing anything worthwhile but famous for being sensational and generally crazy. The media can't get enough of them and apparently neither can we.

To that end, I've decided to be done with them. I will not give them any energy. I will not talk about them. I will actively NOT talk about them. They deserve nothing from me. I'm going to go and brush my shoulder off. Get that dirt of my shoulders!

This morning on the bus, a colleague wanted to talk about our sad, sad representative who gave the Tea Party response to the State of the Union last night. I told him, "I don't want to talk about her. She is not worth my time. How is work going for you?" NEXT!

It made me feel relieved. Way more relieved than if we had spent the next 10 minutes bitching about how we can't believe she was reelected, thinking of running for president, is such an idiot, etc. I just brushed her off, and will continue to do so with all the others Who Shall Not Be Named. Just brush them off and hope the country does the same.

So please. Don't give them your energy anymore. Maybe if we all ignore them enough, they will stop throwing their temper tantrums and go take their naps.

Phew! I feel better and less hulkish already!

Peace, love and understanding,

* totally unrelated to anything...check out FeministHulk. AMAZING.
** also totally unrelated. It was way too hard to find a normal, not sexy version of she hulk. I find that to be awkward.
*** Also, I'm going to keep on supporting public radio for an informed citizenry. Even if all federal funding is cut, I am hopeful that we will all come through and support them.


  1. I think I'm taking the same approach. I didn't want to hear the analysis of what Obama said, I didn't want to hear anything about what She Who Must Not Be Named said or see her face and when it showed up I stuck out my tongue {"pbbbtt"} and turned the channel (okay, maybe it's not quite like your approach). Though I fully support public radio financially and otherwise, I'm not listening today, or probably tomorrow either. I don't want to hear it.

  2. no comment, just know I am smiling & standing and applauding this. you rock!!!!