November 29, 2010

Wanna hear about me?

Me, summer of 2009 getting pumped for a BWCA trip!
I realized that even though I've been blogging for a bunch o' months now... I haven't really talked about myself much.  Sure, I've been blabbing about me and my wedding and my relationship...but not about me in my normal life self.  And I'm sorry that I haven't.  I tend to be shy, introverted, and private...especially with new people and especially online (hello, creepers!) where sharing of personal biz can be bad mojo.

But since we are all nice and friendly around here, I thought it was unfair.  You've all been letting me into your lives (hello, creeper!) and I've been all secretive.  No, I'm not going to give out my address and phone number, but I will be talking more personally now.  So to start, I'm going to indulge in a little self-absorption.  Rather, I'm hoping this is not indulgent on my part but will help give you a better idea who I am and who you are reading about!  Cool?  Cool.

So in no particular order... here is some shit about me.

I'm six feet tall (in the morning).  I'm addicted to Bones.  I'm 24.  I'm a feminist.  I wish I could afford Patagonia gear.  Skiing is my favorite thing to do ever.  I do enjoy long walks on the beach.  (Who doesn't?)  My dream job is to do communications for a ski resort.  I'm totally unbalanced.  Physically...possibly mentally as well.  I have one older brother but he lives in Spain and I never talk to him.  I used to do ceramics and want to get back into it.  I'm not huge on chocolate but this cake blew my mind.  Babies scare me.  I think we should listen to the Lorax.  After having two cats, I've solidified my position of being a dog person.  I'm lazy but try to pretend I'm not.  I've lived in Minnesota my entire life and the more I travel, the more I love home.  I do want to move to mountains though (see favorite activity).  I want to see this movie because it looks great and so does James Franco.  Green is my favorite color.  I love living in the city but miss the stars.

Ok.  Was that helpful?  Or was that just me being a navel gazing poop?  Anything else you want to know?

November 26, 2010

Baby, I got your money!

Today, Brett and I took a big step.  We went to the bank and joined all our accounts.  Our money is now OUR money!

Now, here is something that I may not have told you all before... I'm a commitmentphobe.  Which probably explains why it took us six years to get married and why its taken me a few months after that to finally join our accounts.  That and I'm really slow in making decisions (thanks for that trait, Dad).  Even if I think it's a great idea and what to do it...I just have to sit with it a while until it soaks into and ripens in my brain.  It can't be picked too early or I revolt!

But we did it!  We joined accounts, and I'm feeling a ton of relief for it!  We shared money before and everything was pretty much joint.  But now, its official and total.  And that chunk of savings I had became our chunk of savings.  And that loan that he has became our loan.  And my decision to buy a new pair of skis becomes our decision to buy a new pair of skis.

Its really quite freeing!

It also makes me feel more "married" since this is the first major change that has occurred since getting married!  There was no name change, no moving in together (since we've been living in sin together for four years now!)...just some joining of accounts.

Now, I know money is a big deal - it's the number one thing couples fight about.  So don't think I'm trying to tell you how to do your finances as a couple.  All I'm saying is that this commitmentphobe and procrastinator extraordinaire is super happy to have taken that leap and joined our finances.

November 24, 2010


Happy Turkey Eve, everyone! I hope it's a great one for you all! I plan on spending most of the weekend fat, full, and dressed in warm, comfy clothing with an apple cider brandy warming my belly.

Things I am thankful for:
  • A loving husband who makes up my new baby family! First holiday as a new family! Yay!
  • Getting off work early!  Those extra few hours just make my day!
  • Health.  I has it.
  • The many wonderful people who make up our friends and family...I have to take note of them more and give more thanks!
  • Compliments.  Simple little things that can make a huge difference in someone's!
  • That the freezing rain is holding off.  Hopefully long enough for us to make it to our destination first!
  • Blog land love!
Peace, love, and brandy cider

(ps...yeah, poor timing for me to launch this thing right before a holiday!  But I just couldn't wait!)

November 23, 2010


I did it! I finally got my new blog up and running (mostly) with a name and all! PHEW!

Now I just gotta get comfortable, settle it, make it all homey, and get rolling on the many thoughts that have been clunking around in my head just waiting to be shared! It feels really nice to be freed from the confines of a 'wedding' blog.

Thanks to all of you who are sticking with me (and any newcomers, hi!). I've got a few thoughts to create a good blogging experience for all of us, so stayed tuned. We'll try some things out and see how it all goes!