November 26, 2010

Baby, I got your money!

Today, Brett and I took a big step.  We went to the bank and joined all our accounts.  Our money is now OUR money!

Now, here is something that I may not have told you all before... I'm a commitmentphobe.  Which probably explains why it took us six years to get married and why its taken me a few months after that to finally join our accounts.  That and I'm really slow in making decisions (thanks for that trait, Dad).  Even if I think it's a great idea and what to do it...I just have to sit with it a while until it soaks into and ripens in my brain.  It can't be picked too early or I revolt!

But we did it!  We joined accounts, and I'm feeling a ton of relief for it!  We shared money before and everything was pretty much joint.  But now, its official and total.  And that chunk of savings I had became our chunk of savings.  And that loan that he has became our loan.  And my decision to buy a new pair of skis becomes our decision to buy a new pair of skis.

Its really quite freeing!

It also makes me feel more "married" since this is the first major change that has occurred since getting married!  There was no name change, no moving in together (since we've been living in sin together for four years now!)...just some joining of accounts.

Now, I know money is a big deal - it's the number one thing couples fight about.  So don't think I'm trying to tell you how to do your finances as a couple.  All I'm saying is that this commitmentphobe and procrastinator extraordinaire is super happy to have taken that leap and joined our finances.


  1. The Beagle and I opened a joint bank account a few weeks ago. He has been quickly changing all of his stuff over to that account. I haven't touched it.

    Money issues are tough as I can attest to.

    But congrats on making this leap! It's a big deal for sure.

  2. woo! big step! congrats :) we have a couple joint savings & seperate accounts too. household expenses come out of the joint and our own spending is our own spending, thats what works best for us!

  3. that is definitely a big step! congrats on making the leap!