January 3, 2011

Thanks, 2010! It's been fun!

Normally I'm not too retrospective, even around the New Years. I acknowledge the last year, say my farewells, and then look forward to the upcoming year. This New Years has been a little different, though. Because this time last year, I was fresh meat newly engaged!

Oh how long ago that seems!

It feels like looking back on a stranger when I remember the rolling emotions, excitement from family and friends, and pure possibilities of what were to come. I was full of confidence, creativity and conviction. I knew so little of what to expect and was so unprepared for the pressures to come.  So many changes happened, the wedding turned out vastly different than I first envisioned but all was well in the end.

I gotta say, I still get moments where I feel this big rush of relief to be done with the wedding and on to married life.  Our relationship feels so calm and comfortable now and we're able to focus our combined energies to bigger and better things.

This New Years has me thinking back to my past, newly engaged self and sending out good vibes to all those newly engaged couples about to enter the circus of wedding planning.  I don't envy them what they are about to go through... but I do hope they gain as much as they can in their crazy, stressful, fun, crazy, intense, creative, and crazy journey.

Thanks, 2010!  We had some great trips, lots of new work experiences, fun with friends, learned I could exercise consistently, got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, and came out the better for it all.

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  1. thanks to 2010 for making us old married ladies! ha ha, just kidding. but seriously 2010 was great! can't wait for this year!