December 3, 2010

Mixtape Masters: Ski Pron Edition

Hey, Friday and Friends!

It's the beginning of winter here in the bitter cold lands of Minnesota.  We have temperatures dropping, a hefty bunch of snow on its way, and only eyes peaking out from bundles of scarves and hats as we shuffle along to our next destination.

Know what this time of year means for us wintery folks?  If you said anything along the lines of hot chocolate, sledding, cuddling under blankets, enjoying long books, singing carols, baking cookies, or a fat man coming down the're wrong!  This time of year means one thing and one thing only for the snow dogs, and that is SKI PORN!

Yes, yes, ski pron!*  The wonderful feature length videos of nothing but some badass people shredding powder, huckin cliffs, and often cartwheeling down the sides of mountains!  And just like the more traditional forms of pron, these movies always try to have a plot, but lets face it.  We just want to get down to business and on to the action!  Face shots and all!

Nothing gets me revved and pumped for a long six months of bitter cold like some good ol' ski pron!

For my first Mixtape Master set, I'm honoring this special genre of adventure films.  One of the best parts of ski videos (especially TGR's latest ones) are the music!  They have some rocking beats that make me want to go carve out some turns!  Hope you enjoy!

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The list includes...
Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks
Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) by Blue Foundation
Heart of Hearts by Chk Chk Chk (!!!)
How You Like Me Now by The Heavy
Creator by Santogold

Check out the other mixes with these peeps!

*its definitely going to be referred to as pron from now on.  I don't want my poor little blog to be linked to any real pron!  only fake ski pron!


  1. Where to you go skiing around here? Lutsen is fun but 'tis so far away (that's where my profile photo was taken.) We get to ski for free at Hyland since since hubby volunteer ski patrols there, but the hill is sooo small. We're looking forward to skate skiing tomorrow with our new skis. Come on snow!

    I like your playlist!

  2. We don't go too much anymore since its a lot of times similar prices to out west with a tiny bit of the acreage! boo to that! If we go around the cities its to Welch. Also, we are lucky because my grandparents live near Giants Ridge and that place is pretty cool (free lodging and hot meals when you get back don't hurt either!) My parents also have a cabin near Lutsen... we choose property based on ski hills it seems! :)

    That's cool that he patrols! You two go out west much?

  3. ha ha pron! I love it. also, i love !!! nice mix :)

  4. We're going to CO a few days before Christmas - we have family near Breckenridge, but we'll probably only ski once. So expensive! We lived in CA for 4 years and skied in the Sierras quite a bit - he ski patrolled there too. Yay for free skiing or a free place to crash afterward!

    I'll email you if I'm heading to Hyland to see if you want to come along. I know it's not very exciting, but we have several free guest passes. Also, I snowboard, but I'm sure you can look past that :)