December 17, 2010

Mixtape Masters: A not so Christmasy Christmas

It seems like the holiday spirit is now saturating the air!  It's been building slowly, but now the holidays are out full force!  (or maybe I'm just slow to this party?)  My work's holiday party is today, we have a batch of birthday/holiday parties this weekend, we've been crossing off items from out shopping list (meaning we ordered our final item offline!  we have yet to step into a store!), and baking sweets left and right!  So for my mix today, I wanted to do some holiday tunes, but nothing too Christmasy.  My list today includes songs that are all kinda holiday/winter songs but that I also listen to year round!  They are all pretty chill - good for sippin hot cocoa and cuddling with a loved one under ten pounds of blankets.


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Can I just mention that the Vince Guaraldi Trio's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is one of the best albums ever.  Ever.  I want to listen to it all year round, but I try to limit myself - it makes it so much more rewarding when the snow hits, the temperature drops, I'm baking in the kitchen, and those tunes are rolling over to my ears.  Perfection.

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  1. I love that Dave Matthews song. It's so beautiful.

  2. Love the Dave Matthews! This is one of his first songs that I feel in love with...10 or so years ago!

  3. love Jimmy Eat World. Also, my little sis met Matt Pond, I was so jealous!

  4. excellent picks...we recently spent almost ALL day looking for not-cheapy-cheesy christmas music..and had a hard time. great list.