February 10, 2011


Blog land and cats seem to go hand in hand. Also, being awesome and beautiful, but that's besides the point. Cats. We have them. Want to meet them?

The first kitty we got is named Neko. Affectionately nicknamed Meow Meow, Fatso, Chub Chub, Chubba Wubba, Big One, or Kitty. She likes to eat (lots) and cuddle. Her favorite toys include a catnip mouse and string to pounce. Neko is a very vocal kitty who will spend hours watching out the window and chattering at birds. Neko likes boxes but sometimes can't quite fit into them...

:(  All boxes are many too small boxes for Neko
Um, and now I feel bad because that is the only picture I have access to of Neko at the moment!  Sorry, kitty!  She doesn't always look like a complete blob...

North is the second kitty we got when we decided that Neko would benefit from having a friend around. They do not get along. North's nicknames include Northington, Meow Meow, Little One, Child, and F*ing Cute Kitty! North's interests include being cute, prancing, finding trouble, and peeing on our bed when angry. His favorite toys include twisty ties and Neko. He would love to sleep on my face if I would let him.

North as a baby.  Gah!  That face just kills me!
North all growed up and looking quite handsome

I love them, my Big and Little Ones.  But through the experience of having cats have found out that I am still a dog person.


  1. I lurve grey kitties!

  2. yessss! they are too cute. I also totally identify with the last line of this post

  3. oh man, he is a dapper kitteh!